10 Tips To Writing A Good Article

Writing a good article is all about delivery. Is the article able to deliver the intended message clearly in as little amount of words as possible? There are so many tips that one can use to write a good article. This article will discuss 10 main tips on how to write it.

  1. Identifying an audience is very important
    Knowing who you wish to write to and establishing a reason why they should read your article is key to writing a good article.
  2. Research on the topic you wish to write on
    Research gives you knowledge on how different writers have approached the topic, which will then enable you to establish the approach you wish to take.
  3. Divide your article into the three basic parts, which are the introduction, the body and the conclusion
    Differentiating these three parts will enable you to remain on course and it allows the reader to systematically follow the flow of your article with ease.
  4. Use subheadings in the body of the article
    Subheadings make it easier to read an article especially for readers who are in a hurry. They can simply read the subheadings and have a clear idea on what the article talks about.
  5. Keep it short
    Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Long articles tend to bore readers who do not have time to read an entire article. Most readers prefer to scheme through articles before they read them and short sentences and paragraphs help make this possible.
  6. Use catchy titles
    Always use catchy titles when writing articles to attract more attention from readers. A title plays an important role in getting the reader's attention and so a writer must always use a catchy title.
  7. Avoid plagiarism
    Writing an article is all about being original in the way you provide information. You could be talking about a topic that has been discussed in the past but be original in how you approach the same topic.
  8. Use lists in the article to act as pointers
    Lists are easier to read than long paragraphs with different points. They make the important points easily visible and easy to understand.
  9. Be clear in the article
    Do not confuse the reader by using difficult and long words in the article. Be direct and clear in the message you wish to pass. This will make it easy for the reader to follow your train of thought throughout the article.
  10. Proofread your work
    Grammar and punctuation mistakes should be take care of before the article is published. Such mistakes discourage readers from continuing to read an article.

Writing a good article has now been made easier for you. Using the 10 tips to writing a good article, you can now sit to write a great article for your audience.