Copywriting Tips - Article Introduction and Body

Your introduction should serve as a lead-in to your actual article. It helps the reader with the transition from reading your article title to reading the actual content. This is another section that is often under-estimated by most copywriter.

The article introduction should be short, explain to the reader what is to come and end with either a question, or ellipsis. It is also the perfect place to pre-sell your readers on the rest of your article.

When you ask them a question, you basically force them to read on to satisfy their curiosity.

The ellipsis (…) trick in the introduction is another very powerful way to increase the reader's need to read on because it leads into the unknown in some way, creating secrecy. The three-dot method at the end of the introduction can increase your CTR tremendously. The only way to find out is by starting to use it.

The Article Body

The biggest mistake many article marketers make is not to follow through with their initial promise in the actual body of the article. If you promise the reader “10 tips to dominate the search engines,” then you MUST deliver on that promise.

Failing to do so will lose you readers, and ultimately, traffic and income. Thankfully these days are making this an increased must-have ingredient of their article submissions because of their intention to crackdown on article spam.

Another essential factor for proper article submission is the length of the article itself. With the new EZA regulations in effect, you need to make sure your articles are at least 450 words long or else they stand no chance of ranking in the most viewed section.