How To Write Effective Copy

A lot of new marketers struggle when creating ad copy for their sales pages. For some, it's the most difficult obstacle to overcome in regards to their online efforts. So, how does a newcomer learn to write effective copy that captures attention and prompts the reader to take action?

The single best method for learning how to write good, solid copy is by studying the greats. Pick up a book by some of the leaders in the copywriting field and study their style. Then, once you have a good idea how the format works, apply those techniques to your own copy.

The more you study, and the more you apply the tricks of the trade to your own writing, the better results you will have.

When I first began online copywriting was a lot easier since the competition was a lot less than it is today. Back then, you could hire a copywriter for a few hundred bucks and the result was a well crafted sales letter that really made a difference to my bottom line. These days it's not so easy and the cost is a lot higher than a lot of newcomers can afford to pay. This is why it's almost critical that if you want to succeed in the industry (and this applies to any niche market that you are involved in), you need to be able to zap out your own copy, regardless of your experience level.

Browse through copywriting boards, take notes, create a swipe file of well written headlines, sub-titles and body messages. Create a list of useful resources and visit regularly. Become an active member in copywriting communities and don't be afraid to ask for help or for a critique of your copy when you are ready to share it with the public. Practise makes perfect, they say. This is never so true as it is in the copywriting business.