Other Essential Components for Good Copywriting

Another important thing to have is an understanding of the written language. As writing website copy is different from that used when writing an article in a newsletter, or composing a custom essay or book report or research paper. The language that you use must be very deliberate. It is important that you understand the language and how it exactly influences people’s buying behaviors. It is important that you know which words are strong, and which words are weak, and which words should be avoided at all costs.

However there are plenty of ways in which a site can be made more appealing without having to use graphics and animated gifs.
  1. By formatting the text on a page, you can break up large chunks of information. So wherever possible, use bulleting, numbering, emboldened text, colored text etc., in order to make important information stand out.
  2. Break up your paragraphs into easily digestible pieces of information. This will help to make your content stand out more. It will also help to make those important facts or sections stand out more also.
  3. At all times, refrain from adding two spaces after each full stop. Not only will you save time, you will also save space also. 
  4. At the end of each paragraph, make sure that you press the return key twice and do the same after each section title.

If, however, you need to write long copy, then it is important that you should use some of the following formatting rules.
  • Keep the column width reasonably narrow. The human eye finds it more difficult to track from the end of one line to the beginning of the next if the column is wide.
  • Use plenty of subheads, as this helps those who would rather just scan a page before they commit to actually reading the whole thing. These subheadings should lead your visitor through the key points.
  • Indent any key elements in your copy. This will help to add emphasis where it is needed. It also helps to break up an otherwise scary block of text. So, the longer the copy on the page, the more important it is for you to use sub headers and indents.

As you can see formatting is essential to any good copy.