How To Start Copywriting Services

If you've ever wanted to create and run your own copywriting services business, you can. Essentially, copywriting is business writing. Writing for promotion, and if you can write a letter, you can learn to write copy. Your enthusiasm is all you need.

The biggest benefit of your own copywriting business is that you can run it from your home office. This makes copywriting an ideal business for anyone who wants a second income, as well as anyone who's looking for a new career. Here's how to start copywriting services.

1. Realize that copy surrounds you, every day

From the moment you wake up, until you go to sleep at night, copy is everywhere: on the radio, on the Internet, on television and in newspapers and magazines.

You can't escape copy, so start paying attention to it. Collect advertisements which strike you as being effective. Read the classifieds. Listen to ads on the radio. Someone writes copy - and now that someone is you.

2. Think of yourself as a copywriter: build a "samples" portfolio

Copywriters are hired by business people, on the strength of a portfolio. As a completely new copywriter, you don't have a portfolio, but don't let that stop you. You can write samples, to show to clients.

Choose a couple of ads out of the newspaper, and rewrite them. Record some ads on the radio, and rewrite those.

3. Let everyone know you're a copywriter

Start thinking of yourself as a copywriter. Once you announce this fact, you'll find that people are very willing to have you write for them.

Perhaps a friend has a Web site, and wants you to write some ads for the site. Or perhaps a relative asks you to write a press release. Your first client pieces of copy are practice: they build your portfolio. You'll develop more confidence with every piece of copy that you write.

4. Advertise your copywriting services business

With a small portfolio, you're now ready to begin taking on paying clients.

As a new copywriter, focus on your local businesses for the first few months. It's easier to work for businesses in your local area when you're still learning. As you gain confidence, you can start advertising your copywriting skills, both online and offline. Before you know it, you'll have created a thriving copywriting services business: you're now a professional copywriter.